Hi, what UGG dare do!


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    Hi, what UGG dare do!

    Post  yiqianchi on Wed Jan 19, 2011 6:19 am

    New UGG Boots J 'I read an article theother day bashing the low value of Podiatric UGG, saying the lack of support from the vo?you enough can lead to terrible results, such as a turned ankle and a bad posture. Later in thesection,He notes UGG Boots that the fashion brands that are high heels will stand thetest of time because thatthey are worth the potential hammer toes andonions. Really?This is your argument?You might twist your ankle in a boot, but 4-inch heels will give you the onions and backaches?If you've ever walked the 4 or 5 inch heels you become fully aware of your own mortality. Yes, you feel sexy and powerful and magnificently ugg australia skilled n 'have not decreased over .... Yet. I can understand an argument against UGG thatthey don 'were not many vo?Plantar you, because for most styles is true. But in reality, most people wear shoes have minimal support vo?te, which is usually only a problem if you wear shoes like that of your two ugg shoe hours of walking each day. Well s?r, why doesI did not think about it: the relaxed posture is just soo much worse than the abnormally flexed ankles and back pain caused by walking on tiptoe toa sharp point!God that we be allowed to relax in our shoes. Darn UGG boots are making us so comfortable that we forgot sheepskin boots to stretch every muscle as we walk!OK, I know that this reaction is a bit harsh. There will be individual issues and benefits for all the shoes you wear. So thatHave you noticed on your shop and what positive and negative?its written by on 1.19

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    Re: Hi, what UGG dare do!

    Post  kun21 on Sun Jun 12, 2011 8:26 pm

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